Waterfalls and Waterholes Research

Waterfalls and Waterholes

Hunua waterfall and waterhole

Waterfalls and swimming holes are great places to visit. Swimming is often not recommended, predominantly due to the risks involved. Fresh water is less buoyant than sea water, and often colder, and you can get into difficulty more easily than you expect. Additionally, the rocks are often slippery with steep drop offs, so take care if you get your feet wet. Instead of swimming, take a picnic and relax by the water, or explore any walking tracks in the area.

Hūnua Falls

Hūnua Falls is a picturesque waterfall and plunge pool located within the Hūnua Ranges Regional Park. In the five years 2016-2020, there were 14 drowning deaths in waterfalls in New Zealand, with three at Hūnua Falls – two in 2016 and one in 2019. There have been no further fatalities since then.

Over the course of three summers from 2019 – 2022, water safety advocates and organisations have worked together to help prevent further drownings at Hūnua Falls. Auckland Council, Drowning Prevention Auckland, and YMCA North provided on-site advisers to educate people about the dangers involved in swimming at the popular destination. Electronic signage providing up to date safety information will now be installed to assist park visitors to keep safe.

Please click the link in the related files section to read the report on the initiative from last summer.