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WaterSafe Auckland offers a collection of national and international research and articles offering a sound source of information and evidence. You can download the research listed below from Related Files.
Provision of aquatics education in Auckland primary schools 2015 – change in the last decade. Unpublished report prepared for WaterSafe Auckland. Stanley, T. & Moran, K. (2015).

Water competency in the context of New Zealand drowning prevention strategies: A position statement. Moran, K. (2015).

Exploring aquatic readiness, water competence and developmentally aquatic practices. A presentation by Professor Stephen Langendorfer at the Faculty of Education, University of Auckland, March 2012.

Re-thinking Drowning Risk: The Role of Water Safety Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviours in the Aquatic Recreation of New Zealand Youth: PhD Thesis, Moran, K (2006)

New Zealand Youth Water Safety Survey: A report for Water Safety New Zealand (Yr 11 students), 2003 [Click here to view a series of fact sheets based on this survey]

Assessing Student Swimming and Aquatic Skills: A report for Ministry of Education and Water Safety New Zealand, January (2002).Link: layout=document&documentid=7913&data=l

Sinking or Swimming in the Twenty-first Century?: Aquatics Education and Teacher Education. Moran, K (2003)

The Provision of Aquatics Education for Primary School-Age Pupils in the Greater Auckland Region. Monograph/Research Series Report no.1, published by the Research Committee, May 2002. Auckland College of Education. Moran, K (2002)

Final year student teachers’ perceptions of the adequacy of their training and readiness to teach aquatics education in New Zealand primary schools. Journal of Physical Education New Zealand, 35 (1) 55-75. Moran, K.(2002b).

Aquatics education in New Zealand initial teacher education. Paper presented at the International Conference of Physical Education New Zealand, July 2-4, Wellington, New Zealand: Physical Education New Zealand. Moran, K (1998)

Aquatics education in New Zealand: A longitudinal study of secondary school practice (1987-1996). Journal of Physical Education New Zealand, 31 (4), 2-6. Moran, K (1998)

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