Lifejacket Programmes

Lifejacket Loan Scheme

If you’re looking to extend your current aquatic education programme we have a supply of lifejackets available, free of charge. We have around 500 lifejackets of numerous sizes; so people of Auckland can use them for aquatic activity. Schools are loaned one set of 30 lifejackets for two weeks. They are collected and dropped off at our offices, the Sport Waitakere Hub or couriered at the school’s expense. Last year July 2018 to June 2019, we had 60 bookings, this was from ECE centres, schools, community groups, and swim schools . These jackets were used over 60,000 times by approximately 10,600 contacts. If you would like to access the scheme please complete and send us the Lifejacket Request Form.

Please Note:

  • The lifejackets are in high demand and subject to availability – Please ensure you submit your request well in advance
  • All lifejackets are approved to NZ Standards
Lifejacket loan scheme contact

[email protected]

How the Lifejacket Loan Scheme has benefited one school

We used the lifejackets to:

  • Familiarize students with lifejackets
  • Show students how to fit them correctly
  • Teach students how they work as flotation devices by using them with students in the school pool
  • Give students practical experience of different ways to group for warmth if they were stranded at sea
  • Practice swimming / moving in the water in ways that conserves energy
  • Make links between our swimming programme and how to be water safe in different environments (river / sea /lakes)

Teachers also used the resources from the [DPA] professional development session within class programmes to further develop students’ knowledge and understanding of the principles of staying water safe. As we are near two estuaries this information was extremely relevant for our school community.

Dr Cherie Taylor-Patel
Principal, Flanshaw Road School

Lifejacket Hubs

Our lifejacket hubs support strong organisations making a difference in many ways including that we have a shared vision of reducing drownings; that there are partnerships and collaboration to benefit the community; and that together we can make lifejackets available to the community through the hubs located around the Auckland region.

The lifejacket hubs are located in various parts of Auckland for accessibility to all Aucklanders. These lifejacket hubs are located at boats clubs, surf clubs and community venues where they also support the community and try and get these key water safety messages out and known to all.

By having the lifejacket hubs located around the Auckland region; anyone from the community will feel free to make use of the lifejackets so they stay safe in on and around water environments.

We want to equip people with a lifejacket when going out onto the water and we want to take the risk factor away and bring down the drowning toll.

With the support of Maritime NZ’s FED funding we have been able to setup five additional lifejacket hubs in the Auckland region in the following authorities: Rodney District, Auckland City, Franklin District and Manukau City.

You can find the lifejacket hubs at:

Manukau Cruising Club

Fulton Swim School Patamahoe

Stanmore Bay Pool and Leisure Centre

Coastguard Kaipara

Drowning Prevention Auckland Office in Westhaven