Land Based Fishing

From 2015 – 2019, 32 fishers lost their lives and 8 of these were in Auckland.

Rock Fishing


The West Coast Rock-based fishing project has seen a decline of drowning while fishing off Auckland’s west coast. Read the 2020 Rock Fishing Report.


Learn how to stay safe with our rock fishing e-learning module

Crab Fishing

Over the last four years three Asian men have drowned crab fishing in Northland beaches making it one of the highest, at-risk for drowning activities for the Asian community. One fifth (20%) of all New Zealand drownings from 2012 – 2016 were categorised as Asian or ‘Other’ (not NZ European, Maori or Pasifika). In Auckland that percentage rose to 34%, a relatively high proportion of drowning, therefore requiring interventions focused on drowning prevention.

Net Fishing

Nationally, Pasifika are overrepresented in the drowning statistics with the ethnic group making up 9% of New Zealand’s drowning statistics over a five-year period (2013-2017) whilst only accounting for 7% of New Zealand’s population. In the Auckland region, Pacific people account for 13% of the population, and are again over-represented making up 29% of Auckland’s drownings from 2013-2017.


Harry Aonga
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