Tertiary Programmes

Pre-service Teachers

The programme provided for pre-service teachers (primary and secondary) focuses on building an understanding of water competence, and the nature of aquatic education in schools. Opportunities for pre-service teachers to consider what primary and secondary aged students need to learn to be water competent, and to explore ideas for learning in the classroom, and in the water, are also integral components of the programme.

This programme will enable pre-service teachers to:

  1. Develop knowledge and understanding of aquatic education in schools.
  2. Develop knowledge and understanding of the 15 competencies for drowning prevention (Langendorfer, S.J., Moran, K., & Stallman, R.K., 2018; Stallman R. K; Moran Dr, K; Langendorfer, S., & Quan L., 2017).
  3. Feel confident to begin to plan and teach aquatic education, including water competence in schools.As a result of the professional support provided, pre-service teachers have reported shifts in knowledge and understanding of water competence, the nature of aquatic education in schools, and increased confidence to plan and teach aquatic education.

I’ve learnt more in the session than I have over my whole lifetime, and I’m 30.

Not only did I learn exceptionally useful information and activity ideas that will inform my future teaching practice but I have developed new knowledge and skills that I can apply in my own personal life to keep myself and others safe in the water.

Tertiary Students and Staff

This programme provides the opportunity for a wide range of tertiary students and providers, and in particular outdoor education and sport and recreation students and staff, to acquire water competence knowledge, understanding and skills. Participants will also be challenged to reflect on their current practices and behaviours in aquatic environments and to make changes, where needed to ensure their own and others safety. 

Work-Integrated Learning Placement/Professional Practicum

Drowning Prevention Auckland hosts students on work-integrated learning placement/professional practicum from three of Auckland’s tertiary providers. These placements provide authentic learning experiences for students and benefit our organisation by contributing new ideas and supporting our DPA team to promote and provide water competence education across the education sector and to community groups.

For more information contact: Lynley Stewart, [email protected]


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