New To NZ Programmes

New To NZ Programmes

The Auckland region is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world with over 220 ethnicities residing in Auckland. This presents a whole new set of challenges for our new migrant and refugee communities when it comes to keeping themselves and others safe in, on and around water. For the past five years we have had 93 preventable drownings 27% of these were Asian/Other the second highest preventable drowning group in Auckland.

Asian and other ethnicities make up a higher proportion of the Auckland population, compared to the rest of New Zealand and consequently the Auckland drowning toll is made up of a higher proportion of Asian and other ethnicities. Therefore we focus on this group as it is important to keep them safe in and around water and more so when compared to the rest of New Zealand.

Many of these people come from countries where they are not close to water and may not have had any form of water safety education in their country of origin. We are committed to catering programmes that are culturally and linguistically appropriate for our audience. This includes the co-creation of programmes with community groups for increased uptake when it comes to learning drowning prevention competencies and exploring the aquatic activities within Auckland and New Zealand.

We offer a range of free programmes and some that include costs these are: Interactive presentations, controlled water environment workshops, open water workshops and gender specific water competence programmes.

Interactive Presentations Partnered with Aspire2i
and Surf Lifesaving Northern Region

Open Water Workshops in collaboration with Sport Auckland Active Asian

West Coast experience Day in collaboration with International Student Association & Auckland Central Police 

Smart & Safe Fishing in collaboration Auckland Council, Harbour Sport – Active Asian, and Surf Life Saving Northern Region

Crab Fishing Experience Day
In collaboration with the Waipu Police & Harbour Sport – Active Asian & Support from Ruakaka SLSC, Ministry of Fisheries,
Bream Bay Community Patrol and Local Experts

Pool Workshops in collaboration with Sport Auckland – Active Asian

Programme Contact

Leilani Fuemana
Email: [email protected]