Kairo Jacobs came through the Splash Break-Away programme and is now a Water Safety Ambassador. Read his story about his initial reluctance and just how much he gets out of working within the community.
“I first started the Splash Programme when I was around 12 years old. I was reluctant to attend at first because not only was the programme unfamiliar to me but, no one I knew was going either. As daunting as it was, I can honestly say that I felt at home from the moment I arrived. Not only was the atmosphere warm and welcoming, but the instructors were fast to familiarise themselves with the kids and showed a genuine interest and love for what they were doing.

When the time came to search for casual employment in Year 12, I thought I would enquire about becoming a Water Safety Ambassador. Not only had I done the program a few times, but the Ambassadors seemed to really love what they do, and this is something that stuck with me. I have completed my first season as an Ambassador, and it has been an enjoyable experience being on the other side so far. Working in the community, teaching skills that will hopefully benefit the kids in the future or even help save a life is rewarding and not something you can find in any job. I never thought working with kids in the community was something I would be doing but now. I look forward to the next season”.

This is one of the ways we are committed to recognising “Water Safety Champions” within the areas of work we do. Kairo’s “why” emphasises the importance of recognising our “future water safety ambassadors” when delivering programmes such as Splash Break-Away.

Kairo is one of the few staff who have gained employment through doing Splash Break-Away. We are lucky to have him as part of our team, he brings his own knowledge around water safety, is passionate about teaching, and is relatable to the kids.

Thank you Kairo.

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