H.E.L.P. and Huddle


HELP Position
Cross arms and legs
floating in the HELP position

  • Heat
  • Escape
  • Lessening
  • Position

This is a good position to get into when you are in cold water on your own as it helps to maintain core temperature.

  1. Cross arms.
  2. Cross ankles.
  3. Extend knees wide for balance.


Huddle Position
wrap arms around waist and hold straps
intertwine legs

Huddles are an effective method for keeping a group together and warm in the water. Those who are coldest can be placed in the middle of the huddle to maintain core body temperature.

  1. Smallest or most vulnerable person in the middle, everyone else around them like petals.
  2. Reach around the waist, not shoulders, of the person next to you. Grip on to neighbours’ lifejacket strap.
  3. Intertwine legs.
  4. Ensure there is minimal water exposure in the middle of the huddle to minimise the effect of the cold water.

Teaching Tips and Class Management


Survival chain
Hold onto rope on boat
Dive under to air pocket

  1. Survival chain to the boat.
  2. Hold onto the rope around the boat.
  3. Dive under to use the air pocket created by the boat to take cover from the weather and keep your group together.