Westhaven, Auckland – Drowning Prevention Auckland with 360 New Zealand’s expertise have developed a New Zealand first eLearning platform for water safety and have updated their website. The online programme allows participants to learn about the basic water competencies from anywhere in the world, free of charge.

The aim of our eLearning platform is to increase the understanding and knowledge of water safety, as well as assist in the development of practical skills, within the community, workplace and school. Participants can acquaint themselves with competencies before practising in a pool or open water. The area of focus for this online programme has enormous potential as it is designed to suit a range of participants.  The current eLearning programme is designed for teenagers, adults, parents and educators.

We captured video footage in three separate water environments – controlled water, open water and moving water. The eLearning platform has modules relating to the unique 15 water competencies as per research conducted by Stallman, R.K., Moran, K., Quan, L., & Langendorfer, S. (2017). Learners can complete a variety of tasks within each module. The tasks have student activities, teaching resources and videos that demonstrate the competency.

The interactive platform allows for sustainable learning, overall consistency of education and a free online tool accessible to all.

The eLearning platform is a sustainable form of aquatic education accessible to many people; whilst not replacing practical learning. It is another tool that aids in drowning prevention education. Drowning Prevention Auckland will continue to develop this online learning experience by including further resources and guides that link to the 15 water competencies.

Drowning Prevention Auckland’s Chief Executive; Davin Bray says that the eLearning platform has been a lot of work in the making and is glad that it has culminated in a New Zealand first. He continues to say there are so many benefits to the platform including the fact that we can educate so many more people with our consistent messages.

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