2pm, Thursday 26th November 2020
85 Westhaven Drive, Westhaven, Auckland

2.00pm: Welcome
2.10pm: Updated Strategy
2.25pm – 3.30pm: Forum on CPR
3.30pm: Annual General Meeting
• Welcome.
• Apologies.
• Confirmation of Quorum.
• Confirmation of the Minutes of the 25th AGM held 02 December 2019.
• Presentation and adoption of Chairperson’s Report.
• Presentation and adoption of Annual Report 2020.
• Election of Officers.
• Appointment of Auditor.
• Appointment of Legal Advisor.
• General Business pertinent to the Annual General Meeting.
Each full member (in accordance with Clause 2.1(c)) shall be entitled to designate an
individual chosen by that member to represent them and vote on
their behalf at the Annual General Meeting.
3.45pm: Closing and Refreshments

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