Underwater Swimming

Underwater swimming may be necessary to prevent drowning by negotiating hazards such as after capsizing in paddling, sailing or boating activities or entrapment hazards such as sails. Practices to build underwater confidence, skill and endurance are important.

Underwater Activities

It is important children learn to open eyes underwater without googles. A practice to help this is ‘mirror activities’ in pairs, such as counting each other’s fingers.

Students hold hoops
Two students hold hoops
swimming through hoop underwater

  1. Swimming through hoops held underwater (held by one student each side of hoop)
  2. Dive from a horizontal position in the water and dive under to go through the hoop.

Teaching Tips and Class Management

  • Begin with a straight line of hoops, then make it harder by off-setting them horizontally and vertically.
  • Use any lines and other marks on the bottom of the pool for those holding the hoops to stand on.
  • Further tasks include follow the leader in pairs and small groups underwater.