Survival Strokes Sample

Survival strokes are used to help you conserve energy in the water. In all of these strokes your hands stay under the water, thus saving energy.

  1. Slow progressive movements of the arms and legs to reserve energy.
  2. Keep arms and legs under the water.
  3. Moving head first allows your eyes on the target.
  4. Use a breaststroke kick and breaststroke pull with the arms.
  1. Using a breaststroke or scissor kick.
  2. Reach out and pull through with your arms.
  3. Slow progressive movements.

  1. Another good option to reserve energy.
  2. All movements are slow and progressive.
  3. Keeping strokes under the water.
  4. Slow reaches out in front of you, to then pull the water past you.
  1. Protects your airway when surface conditions are rough.
  2. Slow progressive movements of the arms and legs is key.
  3. Using a breaststroke kick and pulling through with your arms under the water.

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