When taking under 5s into an open water environment, supervision means:

Designated Supervisor

Group of young kids on the beach with adult supervision

When with a group, always ensure there is a designated supervisor who undertakes a regular head count of all children.

Visual Contact

Supervising a child by the waterEnsure there is constant visual contact by a competent adult.


Adult within arms reach of under fiveAdults stay within arms’ reach of children.

Without Distraction

woman on phone at beachThe adult supervising should not be distracted by mobile phones, or chatting to friends/family.

Being Ready

Being ready to respond at any time help is needed.

Check all nearby water hazards first if a child is missing.

Ensure you know the 4 Rs of Bystander Rescue and how to perform child CPR before entering this environment. Complete the ‘Learn Child CPR’ lesson later in this module.