Sit, Turn and Slide and Ladder Entries

The sit, turn and slide entry is used as a safe way to enter the water when unaware of water depth or obstacles under the water, such as rocks or a submerged tree branch.

Sit and turn

  1. Sit on the poolside with feet dangling in the water.
  2. Place two hands to one side, turn onto tummy and slide into the pool.
  3. Keep in contact with the side until you know the depth.


ladder step one
ladder step two
ladder step three
Ladder entry.

  1. Face the ladder when climbing in and out, holding handrails with both hands.
  2. Hold onto the edge of the pool.
  3. Move along the edge of the pool – hands remain in contact with side, pulling body along.
  4. Generally this method of entry is a beginner practice and a method for entering and exiting for children who lack confidence.

Teaching Tips and Class Management

Children sit on the side of the pool while teacher advises what they will do today “practice some safe entries into and exits out of the water”.

  • The sit, turn and slide technique is a good entry to use for beginners. The less confident can use the ladder.
  • The sit, turn and slide entry gets the class in altogether and is more time efficient that using the ladder for all children.
  • The sit and slide entry can be used in an outdoor environment where the sit, turn and slide entry is too difficult due to the terrain (steep, slippery bank etc).
  • Parents and/or senior students are useful assisting in the water with less confident children.

class handling safe entries