Sculling Horizonally

Sculling horizontally is a good way to conserve energy while moving through the water.

Sculling Horizontally Head First

Sculling head first can be effective in rough conditions as it allows you to protect your airway and breathing.

  1. Small rotations of the hands, thumbs up, with hands pushing the water.

Sculling Horizontally Feet First

Sculling feet first allows you to keep an eye on your target and protect you from obstacles as you move through the water.

  1. Hand movements change when you go feet first to enable you to control speed and direction. Hand action resembles a figure eight, thumbs down when moving hands away from the body, thumbs up moving hands closer towards each other.
  2. Keep legs slightly bent as straight legs may get injured.

Teaching Tips and Class Management

  • Have the students stand in the water and practice both sculling motion with their hands.
  • Practice moving by sculling head first and feet first.

Sculling head first