Propulsion Wearing Clothes

Many people drown because of accidental falls into water, often wearing clothes. Clothing may hinder propulsion, especially when swimming non-survival strokes.

Survival Strokes

Survival strokes clothed
Clothed survival stroke
Survival strokes wearing clothes

  • Students attempt all survival strokes wearing clothes over swimwear.
  • Limbs remain underwater in all survival strokes.

Teaching Tips and Class Management

  1. Provide opportunity for students to wear a variety of clothing, short and long sleeves and pants. Clothing should be as authentic as possible, to reflect what they would where undertaking activities in and around water.
  2. Students should experience being in the water in shoes. Most sports shoes assist buoyancy.
  3. Clothing is weightless in the water, but becomes heavy during stroke recovery and exiting the water.
  4. Class practice in a wave or circuit formation, different survival strokes for each width or length.

Survival stroke relay