Barriers to Access

When in an open water environment with under 5s the same precautions must be taken as when you are in and around the home, or using pools and spas. However, in this environment it is often not possible to create a physical barrier to the water hazards, therefore supervision and water competence come to the fore, along with another crucial item, the lifejacket.

Reading Fishing With Pāpā / Kei te Hī Ika Māua ko Pāpā is a great way to reinforce these messages.


There are a number of Lifejacket hubs around Auckland where lifejackets can be borrowed.

Checking the fit of a child's lifejacket

It is important to ensure that lifejackets fit correctly. If a lifejacket is too big it may fall off or cover face and restrict breathing.

CHildren in boat with lifejackets

Navigational Safety Bylaws around New Zealand require the use of correctly fitted lifejackets for children and adults on boats and other water craft (For example, in Auckland you must wear a lifejacket in all boats and water craft under 6 metres).

Young child fishing with Mum on jetty

Lifejackets are a good idea for young children when on jetties and wharves and when fishing.