Finding and Retrieving Objects

locate item from above water
dive to retrieve
retrieve from underwater

  1. Begin in shallow water and locate objects from above water.
  2. Submerge and open eyes underwater to sight object, exhaling through mouth and nose.
  3. Retrieve object and surface.
  4. Move to deeper water.
  5. Dive from a horizontal position in the water toward object.
  6. Pick up an object and return to surface.

Teaching Tips and Class Management

showing paua

  • It is important for children to be able to develop competence underwater without googles. In beginning stages it may be advantageous for non-confident learners to practice with googles.
  • Emphasise to students the importance of not forcing breath hold and surfacing for breath when needed.
  • Set the scene for the real life scenarios such as negotiating through submerged objects, kai gathering, or surfacing from a boat capsize.

Shallow water blackout is a risk when hyperventilating before swimming underwater.  It is recommended to teach students to take one deep breath rather than hyperventilating before submersing. No underwater activities should have a competitive focus around length of time underwater.