Back Roll and Side Roll

The back roll and side roll entries are good ways to simulate unintentional falls into the water.

Back Roll

A back roll entry is a good way to simulate an entry that could occur from a capsizing boat.

back roll one
back roll two
back roll three

  1. Students sit on the edge of the pool with their backs to the pool, arms and legs crossed.
  2. Students stay tucked up until emerging from the water.
  3. This is a good activity for students to try with and without lifejackets.

Side Roll

A side roll entry is a good way to simulate an unintentional entry into the water.


  1. Students lie down on the edge of the pool on their backs
  2. Students roll off the edge into the water.

Teaching Tips and Class Management

Back Roll

  1. Explain to students that this is a useful entry during a boat capsize.
  2. When wearing a lifejacket cross arms and hold shoulders of lifejacket.

Side Roll

  1. Explain that this is what it might be like if a for an unintentional fall such as rolling down a bank or rolling off a lilo.