Drowning Prevention Auckland partners with workplaces around Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland and further afield to offer their employees invaluable water safety training. Whether your organisation works directly or indirectly in a water-based environment, a Water Competency course will equip your people to be safer in, on and around the water.

Thirty-four percent of people drown when they have unintentionally entered in the water and 3% of bystander rescuers end up drowning. With the key learnings from the Developing Water Competency course, staff will be able to equip themselves with knowledge and skills to keep themselves safer around the water.

Josh Carmine, the DPA Educator running the workplace programmes, is a qualified paramedic, accomplished lifeguard and experienced instructor. He enjoys running fun and interactive sessions for organisations that wish to increase their people’s water competence.

“It is very rewarding to see groups thrive in controlled environments that challenge, encourage and enhance the skill levels of all who attend. It is always a real highlight to see those lightbulb moments as participants learn to understand hazards, recognise and assist people who are in difficulty in the water.” says Josh.

Covering a number of the 15 water competencies, including recognising and avoiding water hazards, floating, treading water, and bystander rescue techniques when in water or on land, the workplace water safety programmes are not only excellent for personal development but also an excellent team-building experience.

At the end of the one-day water competence programme, participants experience increased confidence in their own ability to respond to emergency situations in, on and around the water.

  • Fun and interactive learning tailored to the needs of your team
  • Fantastic team building experience
  • Learn more about the coastal environment
  • Learn how to keep yourself and others safer in and around the water
  • Learn essential skills for in water survival
  • Learn dry based rescue techniques
  • Improve general water competency and confidence
“I learnt an incredible amount of things from the knowledgeable instructor who even made a conscious and impressive effort to include te reo Māori into his presentations.”
“Fantastic instructor, he was able to cater for all skills and abilities and was able to relate the training to our workplace roles.”
“I really enjoyed the course, I took so much value from learning how to rescue someone from land as I am not the best swimmer myself.”

Would you like to find out more about our water competency courses for the workplace? Contact Josh Carmine ([email protected]) or explore options on our website.

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